FORUM IV: (Inter)Disciplinary Medievalist Pedagogy

October 2013

In our fourth FORUM  for postmedieval, our scholars choose as their topic the notion of interdisciplinary medievalist pedagogy. As Mary Dockray-Miller describes in her introduction, the papers published here: “explore issues around the place, value, and practice of undergraduate pedagogy in medieval studies and in the contemporary university.”

These papers are available for you to freely comment and engage with the content. We do hope you enjoy them.

(Inter)Disciplinary Medievalist Pedagogy: Introduction

Mary Dockray-Miller

Medieval Studies in the ‘Crisis in the Humanities’
Robert Stanton

In Defense of Disciplinarity: A Case from the Trenches
Jennifer N. Brown

‘What are you going to do with that?’: Teaching Medieval Art History in the Twenty-First Century
Eliza Garrison

Contemplative Pedagogy, Enchantment, and the Medieval Past
Karolyn Kinane

Turning Medieval Strangeness to Account
Sherri Olson

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