FORUM II: The State(s) of Review


FORUM II: The State(s) of Review

March 2012

FORUM II is in part prompted by postmedieval‘s experiment in crowd review, which took place July-September 2011. All posts in this Forum are open to public comment.

Introduction: How Open, or, Can Vulnerability Go Digital?
Holly A. Crocker

In the Shape of a Crowd
Jen Boyle

Building Community
Sarah Werner

“Yeah, but good luck getting it peer reviewed.”
Bonnie Wheeler

Not Far From, but Close to, the Madding Crowd Review 
Eileen A. Joy

Experiment and Replication in the Humanities
Katherine Rowe

Saving Tenure, or Helping to Kill it?:  A Few Words about “Publish, then Filter”
Sharon O’Dair

Eight Crowded Paragraphs Collaborating Openly
Martin K. Foys